My Operations App

My Operations App

Knowing what is going on within an operation today and how well the work is being completed is key to effectively managing an operation. The MyOperations app provides insights from information in Operations Center and JDLink™ Connect wireless system with daily summaries, field productivity, and quality details. It empowers managers to evaluate their expected versus actual performance during job execution—all on the go from their smartphones.

Value in brief:

Improve logistics, efficiency, and productivity through knowledge of current acres worked, fuel levels, and idle time

Enhance confidence - the job is being done through quality metrics


JDLink subscription on compatible machines

Operations Center account connected to JDLink machines

Apple® iOS® 8 operating system and newer smartphones


The following information is available within the app:

Machine measurements including engine hours, fuel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) levels, machine state, fuel rate, hours, wheel speed, engine load, engine speed, fuel consumed, time utilization, wheel slip, location history, machine alerts, and driving directions to the machine

Productivity data including area worked

Weather and expected rainfall within the next 12 hours

Seeding data including variety, crop type, target rate, actual rate, total seeds used

Application data including product, crop type, target rate, actual rate, product rate, total product used

Harvest data including crop type, average yield, total yield, moisture

Remote Display Access (RDA) for support of operators (coming soon after launch)

The information within the app is updated on the following schedule:

MyOperations retrieves information from the John Deere Operations Center upon every refresh, login, or selecting a machine or field.

Notifications include the past 7 days of machine alerts reported.

Machine data is current as of the last call from the machine. For best results, machine call frequency settings may be adjusted on the website from daily (default setting) to hourly. Machine may also call if a call is manually requested from the Operations Center machine marker.

Operation data is current as of the last upload to the Operations Center Field Analyzer based on the data’s recorded date.

Data recorded yesterday and today (12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.) will appear in MyOperations as long as it is in Operations Center Field Analyzer.

GreenStar™ 3 2630 data is automatically sent to Field Analyzer with the change of client, farm, or field on the display or manual send of the data through JDLink Connect.

Generation 4 CommandCenter™ display data is automatically sent to Field Analyzer and available with the change of client, farm, or field on the display, 30 minutes after machine key off or lost connection, or after manual send of the data through JDLink Connect.

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