Mandatory John Deere 20-2 Software Update

Required Software Update for John Deere StarFire 3000 & 6000 Receivers

There is a mandatory update from John Deere for StarFire 3000 and StarFire6000 receivers that must be applied by 01 February 2021 to receive the new StarFire signal after the government satellite update is applied. This was not a decision made by John Deere or Campbell Tractor. This change is happening because of a government satellite update.  

There are two ways for you to receive this update:

  1.  Contact your preferred Campbell Tractor locations Precision Ag Advisor and they will schedule your system(s) for an update for a fee. 
  2. Follow the instructions in the youtube videos below for how to download and apply this update to your SF3000 and/ or SF 6000 receivers

StarFire 3000 Receiver UpdateStarFire 6000 Receiver Update 

Important StarFire ITC End Of Life Notice

If you own a StarFire ITC receiver effective 02 February 2021, these receivers will no longer receive the SF1, SF2, or RTK corrections required for machines to Autotrac. StarFire ITC receivers will continue to operate in WAAS until approximately 2026 or when the US GPS satellite constellation P(Y) code is retired. Unfortunately, the internal hardware of the StarFire ITC receiver will not allow it to receive this new signal. If you need to upgrade your ITC receiver for a more modern StarFire 6000 receiver, please reach out to your Campbell Tractor Precision Ag Advisor.