Jobs App

Today, managers communicate their plans to operators in the field via phone calls, morning meetings, or lists on note pads. But those inconsistent, time-consuming methods can lead to miscommunication and costly errors or delays. It is time to replace lists and phone calls with the Jobs Panel and various jobs tools in the John Deere Operations Center, which work in conjunction with the MyJobs app on a mobile device.

Phone view of MyJobs app

Value in brief:

  • Eliminate inefficient paper lists and reduce phone calls to provide task information or clarifications
  • Reduce documentation mistakes due to incorrect in-cab display setup
  • Streamline operational logistics with the ability to track job progress and make quick adjustments
  • Better understand and address in-field challenges through daily productivity tracking
  • Efficiently deliver inputs and coordinate support vehicles by tracking progress and acres covered


  • John Deere Operations Center user account
  • MyJobs app from Apple® app store

A job is simply a complete list of all tasks with all the necessary instructions to execute the job accurately—Right product, right field, right time, and right settings. From the Operations Center in the Job Panel, managers have the ability to create, prioritize, edit, delete and complete a job. The MyJobs app is used by the machine operator where the instructions from the manager are received as entered in the Operations Center. The MyJobs app helps the operator enter the information in the display exactly as it was planned by the manager. Back in the Operations Center, the manager can track the progress of completion of the jobs being performed in-fields and make adjustments to the job.

  • Plan tasks for the operators from anywhere by adding a Job with attributes including:
    • Specific farm task, crop, and field
    • Assign machines
    • Add details like hybrids and rates, chemicals and rates and specific instructions in the notes section
  • Allow partners and third-party service providers to plan jobs for the manager
  • Track productivity of all the tasks assigned to one Job from anywhere
    • See Job status on the map, in the Jobs Panel and in Jobs Summary
  • Jobs Summary totals and productivity metrics:
    • Based on Jobs created in the Operations Center (data from SeedStar™ mobile can auto create Jobs)
    • Dependent on operator or manager selecting Start or Complete within the MyJobs app or the Operations Center
  • Preferences allow jobs to be grouped and filtered according to what is most applicable to the end user
  • Operator receives:
    • Accurate tasks lists with detailed notes
    • Improve efficiency when they have the right information at right time and manage daily workflow
    • Easy user interface on their mobile device with the MyJobs app
    • Driving directions to the job location
  • Job information is reflected on the MyJobs app:
    • The MyJobs app enables the operator to get the job information on their mobile device after the manager has completed creation of jobs in Operations Center
    • The operator will select the information received and enter required information on the display in cab