Precision Agriculture Management and the John Deere MTG 4G LTE

John Deere Tractor with attachment is mowing lawns

posted on Thursday, November 3, 2022 in Dealer News

Campbell Tractor offers John Deere’s complete lineup of precision agriculture management systems available to assist you and your fleet of tractors as you improve fleet productivity, respond rapidly to changing conditions and get instant alerts to catch problems early. These include the John Deere Operations CenterTM, an online farm management system that enables access to farm information anytime, anywhere, to the Specialty Crop yield documentation system that enables producers to document harvest information from weight-based, conveyor-driven harvesting equipment. Here we will share information about the new John Deere MTG 4G LTE telematics information management system.

What is telematics?

Telematics is a technology that captures data from fleet trucks, or in our case, farm equipment operating in a field, and transfers the data to the internet in real time. Farmers now have the option to remotely collect and manage information from their field equipment by using telematics technology.

What is the John Deere MTG 4G LTE?

Designed by John Deere Electronic Solutions, the modular telematics gateway (MTG) is ideally suited for advanced telematics applications such as machine health monitoring, advanced logistics, and machine control remote diagnostics. It is environmentally sealed and rigorously tested to ensure performance in the most demanding environmental conditions.

The MTG 4G LTE features an integrated 4G LTE modem. This modem supports a high-capacity data rate and extended coverage areas on cellular networks in over 60 countries. This allows you to install onboard dual-band wireless connections that can communicate from one piece of your farm equipment to another, or any user’s phone or tablet. Connectivity with handheld devices using Bluetooth® wireless technology is also available.

How are today’s farmers using telematics?

With the data provided by the sensors mounted on the GPS and telematics-equipped farm equipment, farmers are using smart machinery for a wide variety of applications. Examples of farmers using a modular telematics gateway include:

  • Electronically monitoring fuel usage and mileage
  • Tracking vehicle location, driver behavior, engine diagnostics, and vehicle activity
  • Overlap control, because of GPS-guided steering
  • Automatic section control technology turns seed planters, sprayers, and fertilizer applicators off in areas that have been worked earlier, or on and off at headland turns, point rows, and waterways.
  • A grain cart operator can know the location and fullness of each combine bin and where it will be in the field when it gets full
  • Your maintenance company or manufacturer can monitor the vehicle remotely, checking its systems and checking that the vehicle isn’t set to overload any stressed components

What are the technical specs included with the John Deere MTG 4G LTE?

The technical specs include, but are not limited to:

  • Processor / OS
    • 400 MHz ARM11™ CPU
      • Freescale™ i.MX31  
    • Windows® Embedded CE 6.0
    • Real-time clock
  • Memory
    • 256 MB DDR SDRAM
    • 512 MB NAND Flash
    • 2 MB NOR Flash
  • Machine Interface
    • Designed for 12V or 24V systems
      • 9V to 32V operating voltage
    • Dedicated CAN coprocessor
      • Supports up to four J1939 connections
      • 500 kb/s (4)
    • IEEE 802.3 Ethernet interface
      • Full 10/100 BASE-T support
    • Three RS-232 serial ports
      • Debug (1), TX/RX (1), TX/RX with flow control (1)
    • 1 PPS external device synchronization
  • Environmental
    • -40°C to 75°C operating
    • Shock: 85G
    • Humidity: 168 hr +40°C @ 95% RH
    • Life Test: 387 Temp Cycles
    • Life Test: 144 hr 10.59 Grms Random Vibration
    • Dust, immersion, high-pressure spray tested

The MTG 4G LTE is ruggedly designed and rigorously tested to ensure long life and superior performance in the most demanding environmental conditions.

A JDE team of experienced engineers provide integration support to deliver high-value telematics solutions for OEMs, fleets, and specialty applications.

The future of farming is here. Utilizing a modular telematics gateway like the John Deere MTG 4G LTE can help you save time, money, seed, fertilizer, and a lot of the stress involved in planning and executing your fleet’s farm work. Request a quote today.

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